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Experience and solidity achieved over more than 27 years of existence, World Center is a reference in road signaling, waterway and traffic control.

Partnerships and international suppliers provide us with access to cutting-edge technologies and to the most innovative and safe products in the industry. Our company offers the best and most modern products of the road segment, used in the countries that most invest in accidents prevention.

In its portfolio, World Center offers the most complete line of signaling equipment in the national market which always meeting the rules of the Brazilian Traffic Code, ABNT, CONTRAN and DENATRAN, our goal is signal to save!

Saving lives is
our main goal

Since the company’s foundation in 1994, our focus has been on traffic safety, helping to protect and preserve lives. For the World Center, manufacturing signaling devices involves much more than just the everyday challenges of business activity: we want to ensure more protection and less risk to drivers and users.

Showcasing experience and expertise, we are a reference in the market, manufacturing and distributing our products throughout Brazil. We produce road signaling and waterway equipment, as well as a line to signal parking lots.

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Since its foundation in 1994, World Center has been constantly investing in innovations that guarantee the quality of its products, with the commitment to always respect nature.

To this end, it has developed a project to recycle its products, generating advantages to our commercial partners, as well as to the environment and society as a whole.


With respect to the environment, we re-use the discards of products manufactured with virgin raw material and transform into raw material again.

By adding a suitable percentage of these recycled inputs, we produce new parts without compromising on their quality and strength.

In our product line, already exist bases manufactured with 100% recycled raw material, with durability and resistance superior to the others existent in the market.

Quality Policy

The organization aims to be a benchmark of quality and excellence in road signs, always seeking to exceed the expectations of our customers. Respecting the legal requirements, statuaries and current national standards, companies prioritize the continuous improvement of the implemented Management System.

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Code of Ethics and Conduct

Download the Code of Ethics and Conduct to better understand how World Center respects relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers.

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